To Make A Long Story Short…


Isn’t that what people say when they’ve already talked for way too long? “To make a long story short…” And, inevitably, you find yourself thinking, “Too late!”

We’ll get into the full story elsewhere. This really will be the short version.

A year ago, Ben and I moved, with two children and two cats, into my grandfather’s house. We piled most of our belongings into a storage unit, sold our house, and hoped to have enough of the basement cleared out within six months to ditch the storage unit. (Right. Like that ever happens.)

Before kids, we both worked freelance, with a wide variety of odd jobs that spanned all sorts of fields. After V was born, Ben stumbled on a job posting for a full-time salaried position for playwrights (I know, right? That NEVER happens). He got the job, and we found ourselves launched into some seriously conventional roles, with me as a stay-at-home mom, and him working a 9-to-5, and both of us confused and dizzy by the transformation. This spring, we decided that it wasn’t serving us the way we wanted, and started looking for a change. Ben got a job with a fast-paced company that landed him in the middle of the high-powered business world, which was an amazing, wonderful opportunity.

We have never been so miserable in our lives.

So, last week, he put in his two-week notice, without a fully formed plan of where we go from here. And it has been amazing, and liberating, and everything I could ever ask for. We’re going back to freelancing, trying to build ourselves a life on our terms, off the beaten path. And I couldn’t be more excited.

I’ve always found that if I jump into something thinking, “This is a terrible, awful, horrible idea and could go very, very poorly. But it could also go very well,” then it’s 100% the right choice to make. So, come hang out with us and follow along while we see if this crazy experiment will actually work. Because it’s a little bit crazy, and a terrible, awful, horrible idea. But I think it could go very, very well indeed.


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