We started Week One of our journey with a birthday Week-of-Pies for my grandfather, the tail end of my cold, and a hospitalized family member (she’s home now). So… not exactly the smooth transition we were hoping for. We both feel a little derailed at the moment, but I think we’re sorting it out.

Our major goals for this week were:

  1. Do all the things that we were supposed to be doing over the past few weeks that have totally slid and are making everyday life harder as a result (i.e. laundry, food inventory, meal planning, etc).
  2. Get Megan’s health back on track, since it, too, has been sliding.
  3. Refine our Plan of Action!

We’re doing fairly well on points 1 & 2, as long as we don’t get too mired down in the scariness of the unknown (aka The Big Picture). Ben is starting to figure out the scope of what our day to day has actually been the past few years that he’s been away from us all day, and that’s been more of a setback than we predicted. And then, of course, you can’t plan for family medical emergencies, because that’s why they’re emergencies.

#3 is our big hurdle this week, I think, especially since we’re learning that our vision of what this transition would look like, while similar, had a couple of big gaps between us. But we’ve found those (pretty quickly, I would think!) and now we can address them.

I’m working on this silver lining thing, guys, I really am.


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