Who We Are

WP_20170312_18_25_56_Pro_LIMegan has entirely abandoned the idea of “careers”, having had five of them before turning 30. She has worked as a freelance stage manager, a professional photographer, a wine salesperson, freelance graphics designer, theater electrician and carpenter, administrator for an acupuncture certification class, petting zoo attendant, and a stay-at-home mom. The last one has definitely been the most successful and long-lasting, mostly because the subject matter is infinitely entertaining.

20170526_141312 1Ben is a “glass-half-full” kind of guy, usually because he spilled the other half during that tricky trip from hand to mouth.  After V was born, he found a job where the boss gave him a cheery “Welcome to corporate America!” on day one.  After years of climbing the ladder– and getting further away from family and friends in the process– Ben is very happy to have chosen to come back to the realm of freelancing and flexible work.  Ben has a wide range of skills in completely incompatible areas, like a swiss army knife no one would ever buy.  But if you’re an eccentric billionaire looking for a personal biscuit baker / rock frontman / Pre-K storyteller / software salesman / operatic librettist, text me I guess?


V is five years old, and starting homeschool Kindergarten. She likes to make silly faces, tells the most amazing stories you’ve ever heard, and is an expert on the playground. She loves cats of all shapes and sizes, especially tiny ones, and anything that hatches out of eggs. She prefers to wear her hair down, and is never, ever tired.


P is very two-and-a-half. She loves climbing, monkeys, Sarah & Duck, and occasionally her sister. She can turn any food into an utter mess faster than anybody I’ve ever seen, and is never happier than when she has dirt under her fingernails. She also loves playing dress-up with sparkly clothes and playing with whatever pair of shoes was left in the front hall. Her favorite food is coconut-milk yogurt.

Other Members of our household:

Nimitz: A 6 year old brown tabby who only weighs 8 pounds, but has an attitude three times her size. She showed up one day as a scraggly kitten covered in more than 20 ticks and terrified of thunderstorms, but full of snuggles and love. She has since decided that Grandma’s solar room has made rain livable, and snuggles are very much only on her terms.

Riesling: A 4-year-old half-Siamese black tabby (yes, seriously, he has very faint grey stripes) with a delicate digestion, a specialized diet, and an entirely unhelpful desire to eat everything in sight, including pancakes, bath sponges, and pom-poms (the latter of which had to be surgically removed).

Squeaker: The newest addition to our household, this wild little kitten found us at the playground one day and decided he would never leave. He is absolutely 100% V’s cat and follows her around everywhere, except when he’s busy terrorizing the grown cats. We’re pretty certain he will one day grow up to be a good cat, but some days that’s harder to remember than others.